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In addition to the above services, we also provide the services listed below.
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Co-Marketing with Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, Attorneys

Your business can vastly benefit by offering your clients education opportunities for their own financial literacy. A client that understands their own financial plan will be more active and utilize your services more often than someone who blindly follows the herd.

We offer to you:

  • An opportunity to invite your clients to a complimentary “appreciation” dinner, hosted by you and paid for by RBC, where they will be entertained and educated on the basic principles of financial literacy.

  • Written invitations with your logo, sent to your customers and paid for by RBC.

  • The chance to reinforce the branding of your own company, while positioning you as a friendly and trusted advisor in helping them to understand and implement their own financial plan.

  • We will call all of your clients and personally invite them to this event in your name.

  • Education for your clients, not a sales pitch.

At an event in Riverside, three new mortgages were generated by the activity of the phone calls alone. At the event, 100% of the attendees requested a personal consultation and these consultations included mortgage optimization, as refinancing, when appropriate, as part of the plan. RBC sends these people back to their mortgage broker for specific professional advice. Many investors have more than one mortgage broker and we want to help consolidate these for you as their trusted business partner.

Attorneys will find that their clients will be encouraged to invest in asset protection and trust services and real estate brokers will have the opportunity to generate new business and referrals.

To set up an event for your clients, call us at (800) 929-1RBC (800-929-1722) (ext. 111).

Human Resources Personnel / Your Employees / Employer Organizations

We want to help you keep your valuable employees. One way to do so is making sure that they are thoroughly educated to take full advantage of your employee benefits program. When their future and their families are invested with you, they will be a more stable employee, be more loyal and will be inclined to stay with your company longer.

You already spend so much money on your employees and their benefits programs, but are they taking full advantage of what you are providing?

  • Many employees do not fully understand or appreciate the benefits provided to them by their employers.
  • Low contribution levels affect everyone in the company; higher levels of participation will benefit everyone. They will participate if they understand the benefits.
  • Human resources departments are usually overloaded with inquiries on their retirement plans and they are not trained or licensed to answer them.

Did you know you as an employer may be liable to make sure your employees understand the potential benefits available to them and do not harm themselves financially in the plan? Since you are probably not an expert in benefits plans, how can you most easily do this? Retirement Benefits Consulting offers a service to your company designed to increase participation in your existing benefit plans, optimizing these benefits for each employee and thereby creating more stable employees who understand their benefits and have a self-interest in staying with your company.

Why can’t this service be delivered by the person who sold your company the retirement plans in the first place?

The company that originally set up your plans does not have the time or motivation to sit down with each of your employees and work out their individual situations, taking into account their family circumstances and additional factors such as Social Security to come up with a personal plan just for that employee. The company that set up your plan has a target of the dollar amount of “assets under management” and therefore is not occupied with the employee’s other circumstances. Their job is to sell retirement plans, not help participants manage their finances. We offer individual analyses showing the impact for each employee, their families and their future. We act as a complement to your original company at no additional cost to you.

How does this service work?

  1. We will meet with you and your executives to determine the company goals.
  2. We will meet with Human Resources and thoroughly acquaint ourselves with your company’s benefit plans, the current participation rate and the goals and plans of HR.
  3. We will present you with a plan that outlines the agreed upon goals and expectations. This document can be presented to the IRS, Department of Labor or any such agency as evidence of your efforts to fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to your employees.
  4. We will deliver an orientation or a series of orientations to your employees that result in a thorough understanding of the benefits available to them. Topics will include how the retirement plan works (401(k), 403(b), Social Security, STRS/PERS, Pension Plans, etc.), and how to allocate contributions within these. As part of this service, we will offer to them an individual paycheck analysis to determine the number of exemptions for retirement contribution planning, a current needs analysis, future retirement needs and gap analysis. They will also have access to us for professional retirement consulting on a one-on-one basis.
  5. We will deliver a report back to management on the results and evaluation of the orientation based on the goals set up originally, along with a report of the levels of satisfaction of the employees and make any suggestions or recommendations for future education or needs of your employees.

When an employee fully understands the benefits of staying with your company and has had their own personal benefits situation optimized just for their individual circumstances, they will be a more stable asset. And they will be more interested in contributing to the future of your company because they understand that you are interested in their future also.

What about your new or retiring employees?

You probably have had new employees come on since your plan was originally introduced. We can help bridge this gap by meeting with new employees in an ongoing process, quarterly or annually. We will also help your retiring and terminated employees, advising them on their options.

You have everything to gain by having us educate your employees in managing their money and their futures wisely. Many of them are in trouble financially and this causes problems in the workplace. Employees in debt are a liability. People leave jobs seeking higher pay when often the problem is one of spending patterns or poor planning. This can be remedied, in many cases, by the program that we deliver.

Contact us today at (818) 668-8444 to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can increase participation of your employees in your benefits plan and to optimize their individual situations for the future.


Our experience with non-profit and public service employees has been the foundation of our business. For many years, our workshops with these employees have resulted in their understanding of the plans and/or pensions available and therefore being able to best utilize what was being made available to them. For their employers this means that their plans/pensions have more participation with employees that are stable and long-term.

These workshops follow the same pattern as outlined above.

Employees in Transition

Transitions can happen and most likely will happen in your employment life. Many people change jobs several times in their lifetime. Our consultants will work with you to teach you:

  • How to leverage assets while you are in transition to see you through financially.
  • How to transition your employee benefits.
  • How COBRA works to maintain your group health insurance.
  • The most common mistakes that can get you into trouble with the IRS.
  • The tools and resources necessary to not be destitute if you lose your job.
  • How to survive a period of unemployment without going broke.
  • How to evaluate the benefits packages of prospective employers.
  • How to take distributions before age 59½ with no federal tax penalty.

Wealth Accumulation

We will help you build an estate from scratch, no matter your age or income. If you have the motivation, we will hold your hand through the establishment of a retirement plan that will help you become financially independent, whether you want to retire at age 40, age 60, or beyond. It’s never too early or too late to start.

We can help educate different types of workers as to their options for retirement planning. We understand the existing plans for employees and have special skills in the area of pensions and make these comprehensible to you and show you how they relate to your own individual situation.

We have many years of experience with non-profit employers, both in the public and private sector. Teachers and public employees especially can benefit from our education in their particular plans and pensions.

Paycheck Analysis

For anyone who brings home a paycheck, we will do a complete paycheck analysis for you to show you:

  • The number of exemptions you should use in your retirement contribution planning
  • A current income needs analysis
  • Establish your future retirement income needs
  • An analysis of the gap
  • A plan to optimize your benefits to close that gap

Business Owners & Self-Employed

One of our areas of focus is business owners, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs.

  • Accumulating and protecting wealth
  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Transitioning out of running a business into retirement
  • Reducing or eliminating capital gain tax on the sale of the business or any appreciated asset now, as a business owner even as small as a sole proprietor or a one-man shop, you can have access to the same benefits and opportunities that top executives of Fortune 500 companies have access to.

If you ever thought that as a business owner or a self-employed individual you would never be able to retire, cannot afford a retirement plan for yourself, or if you are investing all your money in your business while neglecting to plan for your own future, then we would like to introduce you to a concept: a secure retirement future for yourself and your family. If are selling your business and are transitioning into retirement, we will help you plan for a retirement income you can never outlive.

Many people never even look into this because they believe they need to understand finance and investments to do so, but this is not true. Just as you understand your business, we understand ours. Regardless of your level of sophistication in finance, we can show you how you can optimize or leverage your existing net income to provide yourself with the retirement benefits you never thought you could have. In many cases, you can provide for your retirement without even affecting your bottom line or taking money from existing commitments.

We understand your concerns and problems and have developed a line of unique services and products just for you as a sole proprietor. We can show you how to save in a low cost/high benefit way, ways to decrease your tax burden and create a nest egg with minimal effect on your cash flow. We’ve done all the legwork and can set all this up for you.

You’ve been neglecting this long enough. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation meeting to find out how easy it is to secure your future with the same benefits any large corporation offers, but created just for you, the sole proprietor.

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